Audio Annotation Services

Audio or speech recorded in any format is made understandable to machines through Machine Learning. NLP-based speech recognition models require annotated audios to make such sounds more comprehensible to applications like chatbot or virtual assistant devices. LabelOps provides audio annotation services that equip your recorded sounds or speech with added metadata to make the human – bot interaction even more meaningful..

Audio translation

We offer best-in-class translation services. Our team of experienced linguists converts your audio files into different languages of your choice. We can assist you in translating the audio script for your various purposes like voice-over, subtitling, etc.

Emotion recognition

Our skilled workforce can analyze and classify sounds based on tone, loudness, tempo, and voice quality. Usually used in distinguishing emotions, gender, etc.

Audio Tagging

With our audio tagging services, we help you classify audio files based on the track information.

Speaker recognition

We analyze your audio and help you recognize the identity of the speaker based on his/her voice.

Audio/Acoustic fingerprinting

We analyze your audio sample and generate acoustic relevant characteristics of particular content so as to identify different versions of a single recording with the same title.

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