Precise Labelled Data for Recognition Models

Computer vision ranges over several applications which also include the most recent recognition technologies. We process quality training data for recognition models by annotating images/videos of humans extracting various information like body presence, facial features, etc

Face Detection & Tracking

We identify the presence of human faces in an image and annotate it using bounding boxes

Body Attribution

We analyze body features and annotate attributes like age,height,outfit, gender, etc. using various techniques

Facial Attribution & Recognition

Facial recognition enables a complete analysis of the human face. We label a person’s facial features, expressions and emotions using key points to process training data for recognition models

Crowd Managment system

We label every human in a crowd using bounding boxes and returns the count of humans present in the frame which is then used for training crowd management systems in public and crowded areas

Mask Detection

We annotate masks using bounding boxes or polygons to train mask detection computer vision models which has great applications during pandemics like COVID – 19

Gender Classification

We process high quality training data set for gender identification computer vision models by differentiating and annotating people accordingly .
We analyse, label and track poses & gestures of persons in a video using key/skeletal points

3-D pose estimation & Tracking

We analyse, annotate and track poses & gestures of persons in a video using key/skeletal points annotation technique

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