Agritech Annotation at Superhuman Accuracy

Introduction of Agritech has become a boon. But processing data for validating these models can be quite a task. We can help you process precise training data for these perception models using various annotation techniques.

Crop health monitoring

Crop health monitoring is now a easy task without any hassle with the help of computer vision models .We prepare high quality data for these models by carefully analyzing and annotating affected parts of the crop or plant

Cattle Count

We annotate each individual cattle using contour polygons to create high quality AI training datasets for cattle count monitoring systems

Crop Growth Monitoring

We carefully analyze and annotate crops and based on their growth stage level

Crop detection

Aerial images of fields are used to annotate crops and train models which can detect and differentiate between crops and weeds

Breed identification

We analyze and label animals and plants accurately by their breed name to train computer vision models for breed detection

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