High-Quality Training Data for Autonomous Cars

We help you prepare a wide range of datasets for training and validating autonomous vehicles. . Know more regarding the types of annotation we do.

Object Detection & Identification

We annotate objects like vehicles, pedestrians,signals ,traffic signs etc. in an image using various annotation techniques to enable object detection and identification for advancement of autonomous vehicles

ADAS Systems


We annotate traffic signs ,pedestrians ,parking lots and adjacent vehicles to enable computer vision in ADAS applications like :

  • Parking assistance
  • Collision warning
  • Traffic sign detection
  • Pedestrian detection

In - Cabin Monitoring System

Autonomous vehicles have in-cabin monitoring cameras for identifying driver’s movement and activities like a distraction, drowsiness, emotion, head/eye gaze, etc.

Traffic Signal Analysis

We annotate traffic signal lights and sign boards using bounding box , polygons techniques and attribute current traffic light colour status

Obstacle Warning System

We annotate various obstacles in road like animals , fallen trees , electric posts etc to train computer models for detecting obstacles and avoid collisions and accidents

Number Plate Detection

We annotate number plates accurately using bounding boxes or six vertex polygons and attribute the number plate id using custom text

Lane Line Detection

We use polyline annotation technique to annotate lanes , side walks etc to enable autonomous driving

Sensor Fusion

We annotate various objects in cloud point data acquired by LiDAR and Radar sensors used in autonomous vehicles .

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