Ground Truth Data for Aerial Applications

Aerial imagery annotation is required when the computer vision model need training data of aerial images. It is the labelling of images captured from drones and other related sources using various kinds of annotation techniques.

Military Surveillance

Military surveillance are now done using advanced AI powered UAVs

Roof Top Analysis

Aerial Imagery of roof tops are used to analyze and create different type of computer vision models . Some of our expertise area are :

  • Material type analysis
  • Inclination analysis
  • Direction analysis
  • Solar panel detection

Geo-Spatial Analysis

We analyse and annotate satelite images of towns,cities and forest and annotate roads,buildings,trees etc , for various applications of Computer Vision models

Field Analysis

Aerial Images of crop fields are annotated for AI powered Crop Health Monitoring systems

Industrial Inspection & Montoring System

Drones are used to monitor and inspect large construction sites using AI which is ten times more efficient than human inspectors

Disaster Management System

AI powered drone are implemented during the times of disasters to :

  • Analyse the impact of disasters
  • Find & Rescue people and animals
  • Natural Disaster prediction System

Search & Rescue

Drones are used to find crashed aircrafts in the middle of sea and forest

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