Revolutionizing Retail Industry with Labelled Data

Computer vision models have made retail stores more productive and less vulnerable to theft. With our annotation services, we process quality training data for these models by annotating retail products, barcodes, shoppers, etc. using various annotation techniques

Object Classification

Various objects and products are classified into their respective categories using bounding box annotation technique

Behavourial Analysis

We annotate videos and images where we carefully analyze shoppers activity, label and attribute the behaviour  which can be changed from frame to frame. These high quality data sets are then used to train AI  models to detect theft attempts and other criminal activities .

Stock Analysis

We annotate retail store shelves and products in the shelves for training smart retail shopping systems

Shoppers Tracking

We process high quality AI model training data set for Shopper tracking and analysis which is done by annotating each shoppers using bounding boxes

Barcode Analysis

We accurately annotate barcodes and QR codes to train smart billing and product tracking systems

Product Identification

Smart counters systems models are trained by high quality training datasets prepared by our experts which contain dedicated data set for each products

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