Accurate Data Labelling for Sports Tech Modules

We annotate images and videos of players, and balls ,bats and other sports objects using various annotation techniques to process high quality training data for AI powered game analysis computer vision models . We have worked with a company* with around 35 annotators for 5 months for a player segmentation project

Player segmentation

We annotate players and their gears using various annotation techniques .Some of our expert areas are :

  • Hockey player tracking
  • Baseball player tracking
  • Football player tracking
  • Volleyball player tracking

Player Tracking

We use various annotation techniques to annotate players , ball ,bat  etc in each frame which then is used to train player tracking computer vision models. Some of our expert area are :

  • Golf player
  • Football player
  • Tennis player

Action Analysis

We use skeletal key points to annotate the body of the players which can be used to train the computer vision models which can identify actions performed by the players

Fitness App

We prepare training data sets for AI assisted fitness apps using key point annotation technique

Racing Game Analytics

We annotate and process high quality AI training data sets for racing game analytics solutions

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