Sensor Fusion

Being an expert in data labelling services we annotate both 2D and 3D data cloud point data. LiDAR is a fine example of 3D point cloud data on which we have worked gaining a definite experience in the use case.


Aerial Imagery captured with the help of UAV flights are annotated with high accuracy using annotation techniques like bounding box, polygon, semantic segmentation etc .


Logistics is one of the recent fields of application in artificial intelligence. We label images of goods and identification codes to produce high grade training data for smart modules used in logistics


Sports and Games

We annotate images and videos of players, and balls ,bats and other sports objects using various annotation techniques to process high quality training data for AI powered game analysis computer vision models


Retail Tech

Need the perfect data to train your smart modules in retail stores? We annotate images of customers, shopkeepers, items, retail shelves etc. in stores using bounding boxes and other annotation techniques.


Human Attribution

Detection and analysis of facial features have become an important aspect of today’s applications. We analyse facial images and accurately label them with corresponding attributes using key point and bounding boxes.


Computer vision has wide range of applications in Agriculture and farming sector . We process high quality training datasets for AgriTech computer vision models

Medical Technology

Power your smart medical applications with our data labeling services. We annotate scanned medical images and processes medical data to produce quality training data for your models.

Autonomous Vehicles

We prepare a wide range of datasets used for training autonomous vehicles that enable a safe self-driving technique. Using bounding boxes and other annotation techniques we annotate vehicles, pedestrians, semaphores, etc.